Limited Availability of Hospira Receptal Liners

Alternatives are now available
Alternative liner system
Alternative liner system for Laerdal LSU Suction Machines

Convert the LSU to the SERRES liner system!

You may be aware that UK hospital and Ambulance trusts are looking at an alternative to the Receptal liner system for their Laerdal LSU Suction Machines. This is due to the on-going situation where the Receptal system is in very limited supply, and some trusts have experienced stock-outs leading to cancelled/postponed patient appointments.

The solution recommended by Laerdal is to convert the LSU to the SERRES liner system. This is a simple upgrade process.

GBUK Healthcare have been the UK SERRES distributor for over 10 years and thus can supply the BLUE SERRES liner required by the LSU at very competitive rates, the SERRES BLUE liner is available via NHS Supply Chain with code FDR147, as well as direct from GBUK with code 57151-2. The direct price is £1.49 each – saving over £3.00 per liner off Laerdal sales prices.

Please be aware that other Liner companies are purporting to offer a solution to the Receptal-Laerdal issue. However, none of these are CE marked for use on a Laerdal LSU and would constitute a prohibited use of product that may invalidate the warranty.

If you are interested in the simple conversion to the SERRES liner system please contact GBUK Healthcare now

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