Critical Care

Critical Care

The specialised care of patients needing close support and constant monitoring in Acute Care, High Dependency and Intensive Care Units.

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  • Chest Drainage
  • Closed Suction
  • Nasal Cannula
  • o2 Therapy
  • Open Suction
  • QuickClear
  • Serres Suctions Liners
  • Ureteric Stents
  • Yankauers

Accurate Measure

Bed Bracket

Canister Holder


CareTip MiniCath

CareTip MiniCath Delicate

CareTip Original

CareTip™ Yankauers




Emotrans Dune

ETCO2 Oral-Trac

ETCO2 Sampling Cannulas

EZ Wrap

Gel Sachets

Gel Tub

Green Star Ureteral Stents

High Density Nebulizer

Liner Disposal Box

Mucus Collector

Multi Reverential Box

Multi Reverential Box Divider

Oxygen Cannulas for Adults

Partial Non Re-Breathing Oxygen Masks

Partial Re-Breathing Oxygen Masks

Plastic Rail Bracket

QuickClear Bacterial Filters

QuickClear Dynamic

QuickClear Hydrophobic Filter

QuickClear Rescue

QuickClear Rescue Hydrophobic Filter

QuickClear Surgical

QuickClear Vortex

Redax 3 Mobile

Redax Palm Evo

Saf-t-vac smoke evacuator

Saline Vials

Serres 3 Way Tap – Green

Serres 6 Can Trolley

Serres Abbott Converter Bracket

Serres Blue liner

Serres Cardinal Converter Bracket

Serres Filter

Serres Grey Elbow

Serres Low Trolley

Serres On-Off Tap – Blue

Serres Patient Tubing

Serres Plastic Wall Bracket

Serres Serial Tubing

Serres Straight Connector

Serres Twin Connector

Serres VacSax Converter Bracket

Serres Vacuum Shift

Simple Oxygen Masks

Simple Plus

Single Reverential Box

Single Unit Variable Venturi System

Small Volume Jet Nebulizer

Smoke Filter

Specimen Set

Splash Vac

Stone Baskets

Suction Canisters

Suction liners plain

Suction liners pre-gelled


TenderTip 24hr Adult

TenderTip 24hr Neonatal

TenderTip 24hr Paediatric

TenderTip 24hr T-piece

TenderTip 72hr Closed Suction System

TenderTip Plus 72hr Closed Suction

Thoracic Catheters

Unico™ Forty

Unico™ Multi

Unico™ Standard

Uterine Aspiration Tubing


White Star Ureteral Stents

Yellow Star Ureteral Stents

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