Thoracic Catheters

Product Overview

GBUK Healthcare supplies a large variety of superior quality silicone and PVC disposable catheters for cardio-thoracic surgery. All PVC and silicone catheters are tested for haemocompatibility and biocompatibility.

  • GBUK Healthcare drains are designed with atraumatic tip for ease of insertion. Depth markings facilitate catheter placement.
  • Complete range providing healthcare professionals with a wide choice for different patient needs.
  • Trocar Catheters have been designed to safely perform chest drain insertion with atraumatic open or blunt tip trocar.

Click the GBUK Redax Thoracic Catheter Brochure to find out more information

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For our product support material contact our customer service team on: +44 (0)1757 288587 or email:

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