GBUK Group acquires Intervene Group

Leading British healthcare supply company GBUK Group Ltd has announced the acquisition of Intervene Group Ltd, adding Intervene’s Enteralok*, Surety*, ENFit® Dash3*, NRFit™ Dash6* and BP cuff product ranges to the GBUK Group portfolio.

Intervene’s customer services, logistics and finance functions are moving from their current site in Chesterfield to GBUK Group’s North Yorkshire headquarters.

The GBUK and Intervene technical and R&D departments are combining and will be based at the Intervene facility within the Brunel Science Park in Uxbridge, with a move planned to new premises in west London later in 2017.

This acquisition comes at a critically important time. International healthcare regulatory authorities have been working with industry over a number of years to develop new ISO standards (ISO 80369) in medical device tubing connectors. Both GBUK and Intervene are playing key roles in the global ‘Stay Connected’ project, working to eliminate the risk of misconnections between different delivery systems and patient circuits. Starting with enteral feeding (ENFit®) and now neuraxial (NRFit™) devices this co-operation is resulting in an international harmonisation of safety standards. Looking forward, the new ISO 80369 standards will ultimately include all devices for IV, respiratory, limb cuff and urethral applications.

Commenting, GBUK Group CEO Mark Thompson said “The acquisition of Intervene by GBUK is the successful conclusion of a complex negotiation and very detailed planning process. Adding the Intervene product ranges to the GBUK portfolio is excellent news for the customers of both companies at a time of great change within our industry. Intervene customers can expect a smooth transition in the processing of day-to-day orders and transactions, and the highest level of support from the combined GBUK / Intervene sales and support teams.

The ‘Stay Connected’ project is of critical importance to patient safety, and the combined strength and depth now of the GBUK and Intervene team underpins our ability to deliver quality and clinical excellence for the NHS. In addition, as a much larger organisation we now have the resources to develop exciting new export opportunities in key international markets, including Europe, the Middle East and North America.”

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