GBUK goes Green

Wind to power GBUK
Endurance Wind Power Turbine
New wind turbine at GBUK

We are pleased to announce that our new Wind Turbine is now fully functional
The Wind Turbine is an investment GBUK Healthcare is proud to make, as our commitment to the environment is, we believe, one of the best in the healthcare industry.

  • – The main hub is 36.4 metres above the ground and rotors have a radius of 9.6 metres.
  • – Annual energy production is 169,000kWh
  • – The wind turbine will produce enough electricity for us to be self-sufficient, and even put energy back into the grid.

GBUK Healthcare have always tried to demonstrate the highest levels of commitment to the environment and the Wind Turbine is just a continuation of this dedication to the local and wider environment.

If you are interested in finding out more contact GBUK Healthcare now

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