We recognise our responsibility and have invested in the implementation of our plan to truly embrace the principles of sustainability and more importantly put them into practice.

At GBUK Healthcare we feel we have an obligation to sustain and protect both the local and wider environment. That’s why we’ve introduced our sustainability programme, established to promote the sharing of best practice across the organisation.

Our key environmental objectives include

  • Increasing water, energy and fuel efficiency
  • Reducing emissions, waste and pollution from our warehousing and vehicles
  • Reducing packaging
  • Increasing recycling rates

To date

Through our ongoing waste management programme we now achieve a recycling rate of around 69%. Our new head office and distribution centre is designed and built to use 22% less energy on heating and lighting.

We have now achieved a recycling rate of around 69%

We are members of a recognised waste packaging compliance scheme, paying a fee for the tonnage of cardboard, plastic and wood that we bring in to the country and distribute. Proceeds from the scheme go to the Environment Agency.

UK modern slavery act compliance and anti-slavery statement central register